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Paper Writing [Nov. 11th, 2006|06:45 pm]
Reed College, Class of 2010


Hey people writing (finished if you're not me) Hum papers,
thought you might appreciate this picture of the stray cat that lives me:

Cat and Thucydides

(Yes that's my Thucydides.)

[User Picture]From: eightyoldwomen
2006-11-12 02:46 am (UTC)

up for grabs

eh. The cat likes hanging out, but I think she's only here because we feed her. My flatmates and I are taking care of her but we're actually hoping someone will adopt her because we won't be able to take her home for the break nor do we have money to get her shots, and she probably needs to be spayed. (I'm worried that she got knocked up the other night.)
Anyway, if you want her or know anyone else that wants to adopt her, I'm sure your food tastes as good as ours. She's nice. She likes to share. (i.e. bring you back her live prey, which later escapes to your underwear drawer and stays there for a few days because 1) you're in denial that there really is a mouse in your room and 2) you're too busy to disprove it).
So yes...adopt!!
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[User Picture]From: ap2c2e
2006-11-12 05:25 am (UTC)

Re: up for grabs

I am glad kitty has a home now. I was thinking about the kitty the other day and was thinking about possibly adopting him if she/he was stilla around when i graduate. I'm going home in december and moving back mid-january. My parents would probably be unhappy but possibly willing to deal with it if i came back in december with a new cat, so get in touch with me if you havent figured out something else before then. maybe craigslist or reedlj to find someone who will be around?

ps i made you my internet friend HA
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